Longrigg Centre is now owned and operated by Action 4 Youth. The centre has been open since 1985 and has a full time Head of Centre.

The Head of Centre is employed as a centre manager and has overall responsibilities for the running of the centre and the welfare of all visitors. The centre has access to a group of instructors who have a wealth of experience in teaching in the outdoor environment.

All of the staff are professionally qualified in the relevant outdoor activities. Visiting staff accompany all groups, thereby giving an adult student ratio maximum of 2 : 12.

Longrigg Centre is licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and holds a number of other quality awards.  To date the centre has an exemplary Health and Safety Record.

All programmes are individually designed in close consultation with the visiting staff. Longrigg's strength is that is has a close working relationship with schools and an appreciation of the needs of young people.

Young people can have access to a phone should they need to contact home. All young people are expected to play a full part in the domestic running of the centre, and make a positive contribution to the 'Longrigg Community'.

Activity sessions are organised by negotiation, no young person would be forced to participate in an activity against his/her will. However, there is an expectation that young people should try new activity with the support of friends and staff.

The Centre has an informal atmosphere in which young people are allowed to develop and grow. Living in a small community away from home can be a challenge for some young people. The Centre expects that all participants behave in a manner which is considerate to other people and complies with all safety regulations as outlined by the centre or visiting staff.

All specialised equipment and clothing is provided at the Centre, a local doctor is available to support anyone who is ill, all the Longrigg staff are first Aid qualified. Should you have any worries or concerns, please contact the Head of Centre.

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