Behaviour Policy

Longrigg Centre Behaviour Policy

For everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time while using the Centre’s services, we are dependent upon all users considering and respecting the needs of others.  Standards of behaviour should be as expected in any public place.

Our Expectations
  • To treat everyone with respect at all times, particularly in the language we use and in the way in which we speak to others.

Do not be unkind, bully or harass others.
Do not be abusive to anyone, either physically or verbally.

  • To treat the Centre, its grounds and the countryside we work in, with respect and to ensure we use the environment in a way that is compatible with the principles of sustainability.

Please use the recycling and rubbish bins.
Don’t leave litter when out in the countryside.

  • To respect others living space and property.

Do not go in other people’s bedrooms, do not keep others
awake at night.

  • To be sensible, responsible and safe.  All young people’s groups are asked not to leave the Centre grounds, except on organised activities.

Please walk rather than run indoors and within the car park.
Please listen carefully to your instructors and other staff, and follow safety guidelines.


Work with us, and help make your visit enjoyable and rewarding


 Guidance for Group Leaders – Acceptable Group Behaviour

Visiting staff should ensure that their group’s behaviour is consistent with our behaviour policy.  Young people and visiting staff should be familiar with our expectations in advance of their visit.

  • Use your visit as an opportunity to create positive relationships, build trust and understanding.
  • Uphold the behaviour policy at all times.

You should be aware of the location of young people at all times and have a clear plan of supervision outside activity sessions.

It is advisable to restrict access to bedrooms during the day.

  • Use praise and Positive re-enforcement

We find that highlighting achievements and praising positive behaviour has positive outcomes.

  • We require a visiting member of staff to accompany each group during activities.  Visiting staff are a great help during activities.

The instructor’s role is to deliver the activity safely. The role of visiting staff is to ensure behaviour is appropriate.

  • Longrigg Centre wants to work with young people who are most in need of our activities.  Therefore we accept that some individuals and groups will have challenging behaviour.

 We request that you bring appropriate numbers of visiting staff so that you are able to manage your group.

 Please ensure that you have adequate arrangements to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Unsafe behaviour will exclude people from participating in an activity and may result in the need for additional supervision

In extreme circumstances you should be able to send a young person home. A clear mechanism should be established in advance to minimise disruption to the rest of the course.

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