Curriculum Enrichment

At Longrigg Centre we encourage and enable children and young people to develop awareness of and respect for themselves, other people and the environment. 

We believe that learning is most effective when activities are both enjoyable and challenging, and when they are chosen to match the needs of individuals and the intended outcomes. 

We use real adventurous activities and carefully balance the risks and benefits to provide powerful learning experiences. 

Longrigg has been recognised by AHOEC, LotC and Adventure Mark as providing a quality learning experience 

 Improving Results

Longrigg Centre has been running outdoor education courses since 1982.  Some of our courses focus specifically on improving results where during their stay students undertake study sessions in each day led by visiting staff in addition to an activity session with our instructors.  This has led to a significant improvement in exam results for those who attend.

We have been identified by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation as a pilot centre for its “Learning Away” study.  The study focuses on improving school attainment using the outdoors. Click here for their evaluation report

Our beautiful location, comfortable venue and teaching team enable us to provide a welcoming, friendly and supportive residential setting.

Our courses are based on the experiential learning process using a range of outdoor activities set in an inspirational landscape.

Proven outcomes of our competitively priced Outdoor Education Courses are raised self esteem, confidence, personal organisation and self awareness. See the Ofsted report on Learning Outside the Classroom

Tailor Made Education

We tailor courses to meet the aims and requirements of our students. Course programmes are arrived at through discussion with visiting groups and staff. Activities are offered from the most basic levels to advanced , with the focus always on learning , and transference back to the school.

We can offer curriculum focused courses e.g.Geography, Biology, Languages, PE modules (rock climbing, navigation, canoeing) and personal, social and emotional outcomes.

“There is a huge variety of work undertaken at the centre which benefits all our users immensely – we are very proud of what people achieve when they come here – particularly young people who gain so much from learning in the real world.

Often the most memorable learning experiences take place outside – it forges a link between feelings and learning which stays with us into adulthood. It’s not just about what you learn – but how and where” Rob Gregory Head of Centre 

Partners and Associations

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