Catering is an important part of the organisation of a trip to Longrigg. However, it is easy and you will be surprised how well the students will help.

Longrigg has a modern kitchen with a catering size oven, fridge and deep freeze. All the equipment is here including water boiler, large toaster, plates, cutlery and catering size pans. There is plenty of storage space and the food area is easy to keep clean provided a few simple rules are enforced.

Consider whether it is appropriate to involve your group in the planning of the meals and creating a shopping list.  This can be really educational but it will take longer and you may have to negotiate!


When considering the menu take into account:

  • time taken to prepare food
  • suitable food that students can prepare
  • food that students are likely to eat
  • cost
  • vegetarians
  • dietary restrictions for health or religious reasons
  • size of appetite

Sample Menu


In the main students should be given little choice, as long as there is plenty, it is hot and it is edible. Choice often leads to confusion and more problems!


This is best done online in advance. Tesco and Asda both deliver to the centre. We can usually take the food in for you on a Monday morning so it's here before you arrive.

If you ask the centre staff they can inform you if there is any excess food at the centre from previous groups.

Alternatively on arrival at the centre, 1 member of staff along with 2/3 students can travel to the local super store. This is either ASDA or MORRISONS, you can either pay by cash or credit card.

You should try and purchase ALL of the food at the start of the course. The stores have catering size commodities which are useful. Should you forget something or need a bit extra, i.e. milk or bread, this can be purchased in Sedbergh.

There are a range of local suppliers in the village who would welcome your business if you have the budget. However they do require prior notice so they can get stock in.

Butcher - Steadman's, 2 Finkle Street, Sedbergh LA10 5BZ  - 015396 20431

Baker - Howgill's Tea Room and Bakery, 57 High Street, Sedbergh LA10 5AB  - 015396 21058

Greengrocer - Powell's 52 High Street, Sedbergh LA10 5BL 015396 20304

Click on the link for a sample Shopping List.


About £5 per head per day should be sufficient depending on the quality / brand of foods chosen. (Note most groups buy too much!)

Food Preparation

The domestic side of Longrigg is easily organized. The group needs to be divided into 4 DUTY GROUPS of equal size and gender. On arrival these groups will be given specific domestic tasks for the week thus ensuring that the centre is clean, food is prepared, and the kitchen is clean.

The staff role is to ensure that the food is prepared in a hygienic manner, and that students are not at risk when working in the kitchen. The domestic side of the centre is seen as an integral part of the learning that takes place at Longrigg. Your role is to give guidance, advice and ensure that the tasks are completed. You are not expected to cook and wash up for everyone else! 

More Help

You can download sample menus shopping lists and duty rotas from our resources page.

While most groups self cater at Longrigg it is possible for us to arrange a hot evening meal to be prepared by a local business.  This is then served and cleared away by the visiting group. Breakfast and Packed Lunch materials can also be supplied.  The approximate cost of this is £10 per person per day.  Contact us if you would like to arrange for this service.

Domestic routine

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