Booking Information

Booking Process

  • Enquire - Contact us to discuss your needs and the type of course that is right for you.
  • Book - We will send you a booking form which you will need to return with your deposit.
  • Confirm - We will confirm your booking and make necessary staffing arrangements.
  • Final Payment - Upon completion of your course you need to make the final payment.


1, All organisations using Longrigg Residential Centre with its facilities are liable for any damage or loss to the premises and its contents and for any claim for injury or loss suffered by a Third Party while staying or using equipment at Longrigg Residential Centre.

2, Organisations must take out insurance to cover any such eventuality. If the course is cancelled by you, the booking organisation is liable for any deposits paid by the centre on your behalf, the closed running costs of the centre, and loss of income suffered by third parties as a result of the cancellation, unless you give the centre in writing 12 weeks notice of your intention to cancel. The deposit is non returnable.

3, Longrigg Centre will operate in accordance to its operating guidelines and within the remit of its license to operate as issued by the Activities Licensing Authority. A summary of the centre's risk management policy will be sent to you along with written confirmation of this booking.

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