Stantonbury Maths Course

Selected Stantonbury School Yr 11 maths students recently visited for a very successful trip combining Outdoor activities with targeted maths intervention aimed at improving GCSE results.

The visiting staff worked extremely hard to provide tailored maths tuition ahead of their GCSE exams They were backed up by a staff member who concentrated on the pastoral and domestic side of the centre to ensure the students made a full contribution in that department. This me...ant that the teaching staff could focus well on the students maths needs.

The selection of students and staffing level of the trip will have paid off admirably and the gains the students have made in their maths this week should serve as a great platform for them to build on as they approach their GCSE exams.

Here are a few quotes from the end of course reviews:

‘I pushed myself further than I thought I could go during caving & rock climbing. The instructors were extremely supportive which helped. The maths was active and helped me get a B in the exam, which then changed to an A*’

‘I pushed myself on the activities and I enjoyed every activity. The maths in a different atmosphere has actually stuck in my head, which meant I got a B on the test we did. Overall it was excellent.’

‘ I’m now a lot more confident than I have ever been, and doing the activities has made me realise that I can do it even when I think I can’t.’

I very much hope that the students are able to convert this successful week into a good performance in their exams.

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